All of our repairs, appraisals and Custom work is done LOCALLY and never sent out of Calgary. We pride ourselves in doing quality work with a fast turn around and as always, we take extreme care with your jewellery.

We will also be offering a new service: ESTATE JEWELLERY ASSESSMENTS where we can do a bulk assessment of any jewellery Estate items that need identifying. Rather than paying for individual jewellery Appraisals to find out the approximate value of your items, we can give you an honest assessment as to what if any items you might want to to have appraised. This will amount to a huge savings for any Executor or family member having to deal with jewellery left by a loved one, or someone not knowing what to get appraised for Estate or insurance purposes.Please call for more information or to book an appointment. With over 45 years in the jewellery trade, Frank can certainly help you in these matters for a fraction of the cost of individual appraisals.

This machine uses a laser beam under a microscope to weld platinum, gold, silver and stainless steel for a near invisible repair.

Welds can be made on items that traditionally can not be repaired due to excessive heat from a torch.

We did over 6,000 watch and jewellery repairs last year. Jewellery, watch, battery replacement, fashion & costume jewellery repair, you name it!

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