Shopping for Engagement Rings

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Shopping with us for an Engagement Ring

It is tradition that the man picks the lady’s ring. However, it is best if the couple come in together to choose a style of ring for her. This way the woman has input into the ring style which is important for most brides to be. After all, she’ll be wearing it everyday for many, many years.

The Karat Patch Jewellers can help in the selection of the style and is best if the lady is present. Even when the couple has decided on a classic solitaire mounting, there are dozens of different styles and sizes in this category to fit her lifestyle and your budget.

We usually narrow it down to two or three styles that look good on her hand. At this point, we leave it up to the gentleman to choose the size and quality of the centre diamond so there is an element of surprise when it is presented. Budget can then be discussed in private with the gentleman.

There are lots of couples however, that come in together and both decide on what they want and make their purchase then and there together. Both help pick out each other’s ring and they are quite happy with this as they both chose what they liked. Though matching sets are still available, most like to express their individuality in their choices of jewellery and custom designs are very popular.

The most popular diamonds sizes for Engagement rings are between 0.75 ct. and 1.50 ct. in Round Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut or Radiant Cut. Solitaire stones or styles with accent side diamonds are by far the majority of choice. These days, there are no set rules for you to follow. It’s your decision.

Customers should be aware that the Cut or Make (dimensions) of the diamond as well as color are more important factors than just the size and clarity. A smaller but better quality diamond always outshines a larger, lower quality stone. That’s what diamonds are all about….sparkle!

Platinum and White gold are still the most popular as are Two-tone yellow and white gold rings. The emphasis has been on ornate styles that show off the stone and that are well made so they will last a long time. Micro pave’ settings are still in demand although much more fragile than some other style of rings.

For the men, 14 and 18 Karat White Gold bands, Celtic design rings, Tungsten and Palladium are among the most popular today. Solid, and well made is usually what the woman picks out and what the gentleman prefers. Stone set gents rings are still asked for but the plainer, bolder styles are presently more popular.