Buying Guide for Him

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Buying Guide for Him

Here are a few of my own personal “TIPS and SUGGESTIONS” that over the last 45 years I have found to be most helpful to the Gents who have purchased rings or diamonds from me. If you follow some of these suggestions, it will make your selection, purchase and presentation of your Engagement or Anniversary Ring easier for you and less stressful.

Frank Poissant - President

Let her have some input into the actual selection of her Engagement ring!

Although it’s nice to think you’d like to surprise her, if she can have a say as to the style of ring she’d like to wear for a lifetime, she surely will be very happy. You can always narrow the style down to 2 or 3 styles and THEN you can choose one for her. Usually it’s very obvious as to which one she likes the most. Regardless of the actual style, most rings can be made in many different price points to fit your budget. The style though is VERY important. One way that you can always surprise her is with a Loose Diamond and when you propose, tell her “Now let’s go pick out your ring, honey.” You can’t go wrong with this method. She’s getting engaged AND she gets input into her ring.

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Get her finger size!

There are many rings made today that are very difficult to size. It is important to have that information so we can make or order the ring in the proper finger size. Bringing in her old ring or putting one on your finger to guess the size … JUST DOESN’T WORK. If you need to, get her mother, sister or friend to go shopping with her and get her finger sized. Unless you get her finger sized by a professional in a jewellery store, your chances of being wrong on the size are greater. Ninety-five percent of the time she’ll guess what’s up anyway, but she will be happy so don’t worry.

You can always get the perfect ring style and get the diamond later.

If the style you choose is way over your budget, you can always put a Moissanite (synthetic diamond) in the ring for now and save up for the perfect Diamond. We can always set the Moissanite into a beautiful Solitaire Pendant afterwards.

You need the proper ring for her lifestyle.

It’s very important to get the right style of ring to suit her lifestyle. Different styles are good for different wear. Just because she likes a style, if she knew it would cause her grief in the years to come, she might have chosen a different style. Many places don’t mention this as they just want to sell you the ring and mentioning what could go wrong with that particular style is not something they want to discuss. That won’t happen at The Karat Patch Jewellers. We’ll spell it all out for you so you get the right ring.


Call and make an appointment

We will spend the time needed to go over everything with you. Usually it takes from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to go over everything properly. There is no cost and no pressure at all.

What to bring

Bring any jewellery pictures you like. Pictures printed off a website, magazine pictures or a fashion jewellery item will help. If you can, bring her! Her finger size is essential for a proper fit.

Have a realistic budget

If you want a good car, a nicer house or a better quality suit, it’s more expensive. Is there one cheaper that someone sells? Certainly there is. Is it usually the same quality, certainly NOT. There are tons of poor quality jewellery out there and tons of really good quality too. Good quality or Custom Designs just aren’t discounted.

If you’re not sure what to spend, we can give you many options and pricing on what it will cost.

What style to choose?

We have different styles of ring mounts and over 5,000 wax models which we can Custom Make a ring from for you. We can also do a CAD design if needed or copy an existing ring style she likes.

How long will it take to order it or make it up?

A Custom Design can take from 3 to 8 weeks. A special order is typically 2 – 5 weeks delivery time. Once we have decided on a working budget, we can narrow down and order in a few Diamonds for viewing. There is no obligation, but we do ask that you be ready to make a purchase if you like one of the diamonds. We will never pressure you.

What if I don’t know her finger size?

Certain ring styles are very hard and/or sometimes impossible to size up or down, it is very important to know the finger size. Some rings can be sized up or down quite a bit, like solitaires or rings without any shoulder diamonds. If you feel her finger is very small or very large, this will make a huge difference on the style of ring that we would be able to size. If a ring needs to be special ordered or Custom Made in a certain size, it usually can be.