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Over 26 years helping Calgarians choose, design, and repair jewellery & watches in a friendly and relaxed setting.

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The Karat Patch Jewellers has been in Calgary for over 26 years now. We make discussing, choosing, designing and purchasing your jewellery, custom item, or repair easier and in a personal, friendly and relaxed setting. With over 5000 different designs available, we give you more choice than anyone else. We also can create a truly one of a kind design for you! We are experts in all types of jewellery and watch repairs. Welcome to our website, please enjoy your stay and come back soon!




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Peter U
Peter U
Straightened, shined, and cleaned my bent ring at a very reasonable price while I waited. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended!
David McKee
David McKee
Frank is always honest and reliable! I go out of my way to use his services.
Meredith Lewis Dowbiggin
Meredith Lewis Dowbiggin
Frank is always on time for appointments. He works quickly and confidently to install batteries, determines what needs to be repaired to ensure your jewelry looks beautiful and lasts a long time, and completes work in a timely manner. He charges a fair price. I followed him from both his former locations. I can refer him with confidence. He also referred me to an excellent engraver.
Brenda Shairp
Brenda Shairp
Frank pays attention to every detail while making you feel totally cared for. He has excellent ideas and recommendations while he listens to your ideas and concerns. Frank shows the utmost respect while adding a pleasant and fun experience.
Natalie Zacher
Natalie Zacher
Frank has been my jeweller for almost 20 years. He is professional and courteous and ensures he understands what I need before doing the work. I’m always very satisfied with his work. I highly recommend him.
Lynda Peterson
Lynda Peterson
I have known Frank for several years and any repairs that he has done for me have been top notch. I would highly recommend him!!
Ashley Mitty
Ashley Mitty
Frank is always such a pleasure to work with! From designing my engagement ring, wedding band and now more custom jewelry…he is beyond knowledgeable, efficient and kind. He helped me give back to my mom, for Mother’s Day, the centre piece of her father’s wedding band. It was absolutely stunning with perfect craftsmanship. It very easily brought tears for all of us. Thank you Frank for all of your beautiful work with what you can very clearly see is your passion.
Clancy Khezri
Clancy Khezri
Frank is a very honest and knowledgeable jeweler. I enjoy our conversation and his honest input. His work is fairly priced and of very high quality. There is no one as good as Frank!
Christle Godon
Christle Godon
Always a good place to go. Loved my ring even more after it was cleaned. U always do a great job. Nice location. Glad there's a directory, even with directions there, i still managed to get lost. Thats just me though. I always love seeing frank.


Diamonds come in many different shapes and sizes, and it is important to note that not all diamonds are created equal. We work with every client to choose a diamond that fits their specific needs and budget, and offer (very honest) advice about their selection. We don’t work on commission and therefore don’t try to sell you diamonds that go beyond your needs, and we don’t sell ‘frozen spit’ either (see our article about ‘discount diamonds’). The right diamond is out there for you- come in and let us help you find it!

Common Diamond Shape​

Diamond Fluorescence

Diamonds have many unique properties, including natural fluorescence under ultraviolet light. One technique that jewellers use to help identify and separate diamonds from the diamond look-alikes (such as moisenite and cubic zirconia) is by putting the gem under a UV lamp. If it fluoresces (glows) blue, it is almost certainly a diamond. In fact, about 30% of diamonds have some degree of fluorescence under UV light (However, it is important to know that you cannot follow this logic in reverse and assume that when something does NOT fluoresce it must not be a diamond. Some diamonds do not have fluorescence so this will logic will not work.) Fluorescence usually appears blue, but can be yellow, green, or chalky white also.

How does fluorescence effect the beauty or value of a diamond? The answer to that question depends on the color grade you are buying. First let’s talk about how it affects the beauty. Actually, recent studies by GIA have shown that fluorescence in any amount does not impact the face up appearance of a diamond, except possibly those with extreme fluoresence. Therefore, it is only the erroneous belief of the trade and consumers that causes less demand for stones with fluorescence.

Here is the prevalent belief system to help you understand how fluorescence influences price:
If a diamond has a color grade of J to M, slight to moderate or even strong blue fluorescence in a stone with these color grades actually helps cancel some of the yellow and makes it looks whiter. No price difference occurs.

However, for a diamond with very high color (such as a D to F grade), fluorescence is thought to interfere with the flow of light and can make the diamond appear a little oily or murky. For this reason, we still might recommend None or Slight flourescence in colorless diamonds (D to F color grades). A a small discount (5-10%) may be given depending on the stone’s appearance. In grades inbetween those above (G, H and I), moderate fluorescence might actually improve the color appearance but not the value.

View some educational videos on the diamond picking process as well as ‘the 4 Cs’





We carry the original Charles & Colvards moissanites. Each moissanite crystal is grown slowly, subjecting silicon and carbon to tremendous heat and pressure for days until a precious crystal of moissanite takes shape. only the best are chosen to become Forever Brilliant®. Polished by hand to perfect proportions until it dances with scintillation. Forever Brilliant® surpasses the brilliance and beauty of traditional diamonds. With a hardness of 9 1/4, Forever Brilliants icy white brilliance will last for generations. Every Forever Brilliant comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Charles & Colvards A laser inscription on the girdle of Forever Briltiant@ gems, measuring larger than 4 mm, can be seen using a 1oX or better loupe and confirms that each Forever Brilliant® gem meets Charles & Colvards high quantity standards


All of our repairs, appraisals and Custom work is done LOCALLY and never sent out of Calgary. We pride ourselves in doing quality work with a fast turn around and as always, we take extreme care with your jewellery.

Estate Jewellery Assesment

We do bulk assessment of any jewellery Estate items that need identifying. Rather than paying for individual jewellery Appraisals to find out the approximate value of your items, we can give you an honest assessment as to what if any items you might want to to have appraised

  This will amount to a huge savings for any Executor or family member having to deal with jewellery left by a loved one, or someone not knowing what to get appraised for Estate or insurance purposes. Please call for more information or to book an appointment. With over 45 years in the jewellery trade, Frank can certainly help you in these matters for a fraction of the cost of individual appraisals.W

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